One of the fast and easy way to sponsor parents and grand parents to stay with you for longer period is to sponsor them with “Super Visa“. In this article you will find information for parents and grandparents, including applications for super visas, processing times, what to expect when you arrive in Canada and how to extend your stay.

What is a super visa?

Typically if you plan to stay for 6 months or less then 6 months you should apply for a Visitor Visa. But, If your intension is to stay for longer period then Super visa a good choice as it lets you stay for upto 2 years at a time. Keeping in mind it is a multiple entry visa and is valid for upto 10 years.

Who can apply for a Super visa?

Super visa is only for Parents and grand parents. Apart from being one there are other requirements to be fulfilled.

To be eligible for a super visa, you must:

  • be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
  • have a signed letter from your child or grandchild who invites you to Canada that includes:
    • a promise of financial support for the length of your visit
    • the list and number of people in the household of this person
    • a copy of this person’s Canadian citizenship or permanent resident document
  • have medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company that is:
    • valid for at least 1 year from the date of entry
    • at least $100,000 coverage
    • have proof that the medical insurance has been paid (quotes aren’t accepted)

You must also:

  • apply for a super visa from outside Canada
  • be allowed to enter Canada
  • take an immigration medical exam
  • meet certain other conditions

You can’t include dependants in this application.

Financial support (proof of funds)

The child or grandchild who invites you must prove that the household meets the minimum necessary income. The following documents are examples of what can be used as proof of funds:

  • Notice of Assessment (NOA) or T4/T1 for the most recent tax year
  • Employment Insurance stubs
  • employment letter including salary and date of hiring
  • pay stubs
  • bank statements

Other conditions IRCC consider

IRCC consider several things before we decide if you can come to Canada. You must be a genuine visitor to Canada who will leave by choice at the end of your visit.

IRCC look at these things when you apply:

  • your ties to your home country
  • the purpose of your visit
  • your family and finances
  • the overall economic and political stability of your home country

How to Apply?

All you need to do is to take a right step and book a consultation with  R2 Immigration Services by calling on +1-403-439-0007 or by email at [email protected]. We  can also be reached by social media INSTAGRAM || FACEBOOK

After you apply

Processing time

Varies by country Most applications for a super visa are processed within a few weeks or less. Processing times vary depending on the visa office.

R2 Immigration Services make sure you are well up to dated on the status of your application.


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